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 CT9 - Single Canopy

Stylish 160Watt 9Tube compact curved foldaway unit fitted with high power Red Light tubes plus 4 tube facial boost.The unit is operated with twin timers and tubes are protected with a full acrylic safety screen. An hour counter is fitted to monitor tube life. 

 The canopy is mounted on a fully adjustable stand, which can be used over a normal bed or a taller stand is available for use over a beautician’s couch. When not in use the canopy can be easily folded away for easy storage. The 4 castor base allows it to be easily moved from one area to another.

Facial BoosterTubes standard in the CT 9 & CT19

CT18 - Double Canopy

Stylish 18Tube compact curved double unit runs on a standard 13-amp plug. Fitted with high power 160/100Watt Red Light tubes and a 4 tube facial boost.  An hour counter is fitted to monitor tube life and an acrylic safety screen is fitted to protect the tubes.The unit is operated with twin 30-minute timers and the canopy has a hydraulic lift and lower system to ease operation.

The CT18 comes with a full length body breeze and side treatment unit for greater comfort and efficiency.




COLLAGEN BEDS    6 weeks    8 weeks   10 weeks   12 weeks
CT18 (with body breeze)£150.00£185.00£220.00£250.00
Cosmedico Facial Unit*      £80.00      £95.00    £110.00    £120.00
*Optional Hyaluron Pro Beauty Fluid £35.00


  Inclusive of delivery within our South Yorkshire delivery areas.

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