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 NEW! - Cosmedico Collagen Facial Light Therapy Appliance -

Just in - Specifically for Collagen Red Light Therapy concentrated to the facial areas   

Treatment Plan - Weeks 1 - 8 = 2 * 12 min sessions per week. Weeks 9 - 12 = 3 * 12 minute sessions per week.

We highly recommend the Cosmedico COLLAGEN Pro Beauty Light Wave Appliance in combination with Hyaluron Pro Beauty Fluid from Cosmedico which we can supply. 

With the COLLAGEN Pro Beauty Light Wave Appliance and the HYALURON Pro Beauty Fluid, you can rejuvenate your skin visibly and perceptibly. Studies have shown that the body’s own collagen production can be stimulated with red light of a special wavelength range.

The COLLAGEN Pro Beauty Appliance emits red light waves of the ideal wavelength. The so-called photo bio stimulation in the deeper layers of the skin boosts the metabolism of the skin and leads to a reactivation of the collagen synthesis in the skin. The ageing skin is thus stimulated to produce skin-tensioning collagen and elastin again.The combination of the red light waves with the HYALURON Pro Beauty Fluid potentiates the rejuvenation effect. Before each light wave treatment, the fluid is amply applied to the face. The light wave exposure channels the active ingredients of the low-molecular hyaluronic acid contained in the fluid into the deeper layers of skin. This elevates the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin to a youthful level.

The elasticity of the connective tissue is heightened; the skin stability is strengthened. At the same time, the procollagen synthesis of the skin is stimulated. The use of the HYALURON Pro Beauty Fluid in combination with the COLLAGEN Pro Beauty Light Wave Appliance clearly enhances the rejuvenating effect and leads to a visibly smooth skin surface.The result is a firmer and tenser skin with reduced wrinkles and a fresh, young appearance. 


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